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Quarantine Movie/TV Playlist (for geek dads) - pt.1

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Stay at Home and watch these Movie/TV picks with your family while we're all under the Corona-virus (Covid-19) shelter-in-place order. Specially chosen for Sci-Fi/Fantasy geek Dads and their offspring of varying ages, it's an opportunity to take some of the fright out of this frightening time. Quarantine isn't so bad when you've got loved ones around, and some great, classic entertainment to share. #QuarantineTV #LockDownTV #StayHome

The Dragon Prince

Dad's Series Review

The Dragon epic saga of magic, warriors, elves, dragons...and friendship. Built for a younger audience but still compelling enough for adults. How much was suitable for our 5 year old, and how much did we skip? We'll discuss the series' themes, takeaways, and some of its buzz online.

LADDIE: The Man Behind the Movies

Documentary Review

Alan Ladd Jr. is the man behind so many great films that almost weren't, but not everyone knows about his career. Laddie: The Man Behind the Movies is a documentary by his daughter Amanda Ladd-Jones.

TANGLED (2010)

Dad's Movie Review

Tangled places Rapunzel in Disney's princess universe with some of that old Disney magic, but also with some old stereotypes.

BOLT (2008)

A Dad's Review

There are several reasons to love Bolt (2008) as a parent, and we're getting into them!

The Hidden World (2019)

Another Kid's Classic?

The much-anticipated wrap-up to the How To Train Your Dragon series hit theaters this year. Is The Hidden World destined to become another classic? Daddy's Reason to Watch: Roger Deakins.

Does the new Grinch replace the classic?

The Grinch - Movie Review

Does the The Grinch (2018) stand up to the original 1966 classic, Dr. Suess' How The Grinch Stole Christmas? Will your kids want to watch it year after year? See how we did watching them side by side this year.

How To Train Your Dragon - Dad's Review

A look back at the first in the trilogy.

Did this movie cure Abby's nightmare's?

The Little-Known Holiday Classic (in the U.S.)

The Snowman - Dad's Review

Why is this "Holiday Classic" virtually unknown in the U.S.? Tom looks at the animated Christmas Special (featuring David Bowie) to find out.

Is The Lost Treasure

TinkerBell and the Lost Treasure - Dad's Review

Tom looks at this 2009 entry into the Tinkerbell film series.

Our Halloween Movie Is...Totoro?

My Neighbor Totoro - Dad's Review

Looking for a great not-too-scary Fright-Night movie for Halloween? Preschoolers can enjoy "My Neighbor Totoro" and get the scares without the nightmares.

Grow with Piglet's BIG Movie!

Daddy Daughter Movie Night


This week's "Daddy's Reasons to Watch" is Carly Simon, who brings a special style of narrative song to this very special film.


Are You Avoiding SING? - Dad's Review

Daddy Daughter Movie Night

Tom takes a look at 2016's #Sing, to find out if a great Daddy-Daughter film has been hiding right under right under nose.

This week's Daddy's Reasons to Watch?
#MatthewMcConaughey, #SethMacFarlane, Reese Witherspoon, #ScarlettJohansson, John C. Reilly and More!

CARS 3 - Movie Review

Daddy Daughter Movie Night

Tom looks at Disney Pixar's Cars 3 (2017) and tells you why it might be the perfect Daddy-Daughter movie.

Charlotte's Web - Movie Review

Double Feature!

Daddy Daughter Movie Night takes a look at the 1973 Hanna Barbera animated movie of EB White's classic tale, Charlotte's Web, and compares it to the modern 2006 live-action remake. Which one should you show your child for your next movie night? Which parts are scary and why?


This week's Dad's (Double) Reasons to Watch: Paul Lynde and Steve Buscemi!

The Aristocats - Movie Review

Daddy Daughter Movie Night

Daddy Daughter Movie Night takes a look at the 1970 classic, The Aristocats. How does it hold up?

This week's Dad's Reason to Watch: Scatman Crothers!

Pediatric Screen Time Recommendations:

Journey Beyond Sodor - Movie Review

Daddy Daughter Movie Night

Tom looks at the latest Thomas and Friends Movie - Journey Beyond Sodor.

This week's Dad's Reason to Watch: Hugh Bonneville!

Article on Thomas and Friends and Autism:


Secret of the Wings - Movie Review

Daddy Daughter Movie Night

Tom looks at Disney's Secret of the Wings.

This week's Dad's Reason to Watch: Timothy Dalton!

Secret of the Wings on Amazon:

Secret of the Wings on YouTube Movies:

Also available on Netflix.

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